Taking care of your community is a real challenge. When to use fertilizer and when to use the axe? My contribution to the keynote of Inspiring Flow will shed some light on making a community blossom. I really like Leslie...[more]

2012 brought the first German Flow (F3X) conference to Kolbermoor, Southern Germany. This year the conference is called Inspiring Flow and will be internationally oriented with English as language. With the changes in the TYPO3...[more]

Just a quick post, as the last hours of 2012 are fading away, from me to wish all of you all the best, lots of love and understanding for the coming year. [more]

Just a quick word on the Thursday. I was to occupied during the day with community and family matters to even have time to write a blog entry. My day ended with all you can eat sushi and a nice movie together with my oldest son....[more]

Wednesday is the day after. I did my first TYPO3 CMS 6.0 upgrade and had quite some team activity.[more]

Release is mantra very common in the TYPO3 community or for that matter in any Open Source community. Today's release took us across the infamous 5 barrier and back into the future.[more]

This last week of November you can all have some insight again in what the life and work of a TYPO3 community manager is all about.[more]

The Phoenix Code Sprint Copenhagen was an awesome event to have been part of and shapes the future of our new CMS based on FLOW3.[more]

I travelled to Portland, Oregon for the Community Leadership Summit and OSCON again, meeting the most awesome leaders in all things Open Source and Community Leadership.[more]

Welcome to all of you here in Munich. You can really feel at home here in the city that saved over 4 million Euro's implementing Open Source in the form of the Linux Desktop. You may even feel more at home with the bavarian beer.[more]

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